On a trip to Israel, Cheryl was inspired by both ancient and contemporary mosaics.  They greet you at the airport, at the museums, in the synagogues and in their own historical locations. Developing a technique to replicate stone mosaics in fabric was a challenge that was intriguing, and doable.

It took a while to refine the technique, and it's still being refined, but they are like potato chips.  As soon as one is finished, another idea for a Mini Mosaic quilt  starts to germinate. The first ones were replicas of mosaics that adorned the walls and ceilings of Or Torah in Acco, Israel.  They have grown to be more contemporary in topic and color.

Cheryl now shares her technique and patterns in workshops around the country.  Learn the technique in a workshop or from a kit.  But be careful because they are addictive!

​Mini Mosaic Quilts

Wholesale orders are welcome.  Contact me: oyveyquilts@yahoo.com

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A peek at some quilts:

Mini Mosaics - 11"x 14" -  Most are available as patterns/kits.  Visit my Etsy Shop.

A Video Overview

A peek at some Midi Mosaics, 28"x 28":

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And a snippet of quilting.

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