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Fascinated by the color and texture of fabric, I discovered that I could create art and folk art without knowing how to paint with a brush. The challenge became how to turn my ideas into a quilt.

I find that I "build" my quilts one section at a time. Putting together the pieces of the puzzle is both challenging and energizing. This process sometimes necessitates the development of a new technique or use of a non-traditional fabric.

My inspiration for my quilts comes from the emotions I feel for my family as well as my love of travelling and cycling. I have many creative moments while riding my bicycle through the scenic byways of our country.

Then I can't wait to return to my studio to translate those ideas into fabric.

I made my first quilt out of Marimekko fabric as an impoverished chemistry graduate student at M.I.T. It took another 17 years for me to make my second one – after a corporate career and some child rearing. 

When we moved to Pennsylvania, my sons were both in school and I started taking some basic quilting classes to occupy my time. It didn't take long before I fell in love with quilting and started to design my own quilts. I then started teaching at a local quilt shop. At the request of my students, I developed my own line of Judaic quilt patterns, that have recently been retired.

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​​​In 2014, I went to lunch with my husband and it changed my professional life.  Thanks to this outing, I was inspired to create an amazing silk dupioni quilt.  Then, I ended up designing, developing and manufacturing a curved edge acrylic tool  so that others could make it too.  Many other designs followed and now I travel around the country vending at quilt shows and teaching, meeting lots of quilters and sharing the Curvalicious love.   

Mini Mosaics is following fast on the Curvalicious  trail. Watch for this new popular technique and classes.