This is a fun no sew workshop that imitates the ancient art of mosaics, inspired by my trip to Israel. Learn how to create a mosaic picture from small pre-cut pieces of lots of colored fabric, using a technique that I developed to simplify the process.  Pick one of the available patterns in class, that will finish to measure 9"x 12", and then can be bordered and quilted to your preference at home. Bring tweezers and a sharp small scissors to use with a provided kit ($16).

 The choices of  patterns are continually expanding.  Contact me for a class selection.

Bailey                                                                                         Gracie                                                                      Cooper

Create an amazing, pieced quilt of your pet using your own photograph.Learn to "see" the shading in your pet's face and how to piece in the details.  The finished quilt measures 54" x 54" and the quilting reflects the individual pet's fur.  

This 3 Day class can be held as a retreat in my lake house in the Pocono Mountains of PA including food and lodging (limit 4 participants)  or at your venue (for up to 10 participants).  Contact me for details.

This is a great introductory class to cotton fabric dyeing. Starting with  3 colors of dye and 3 1/2 yards of white cotton fabric, you will end up with 30, yes 30, fat eighths of high quality hand dyed fabric in an assortment of colors. This will give you a great palette to work from. In addition to these fabrics, see what happens when you dye black and white fabric. In this workshop you will go home with 5 yds of fabric to rinse at home and learn the basic skills to be able to dye any cotton fabric. Kit Fee: $45 includes fabric and dye

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Mosaic Pet Retreat           3 Days

Quilting Arts Aug/Sept 2016

      All lectures are about 1 hour long with a question and answer period.  They are power point presentations followed with lots of quilts of various sizes.

     Turning Travel Into Treasures - NEW
     Traveling whether overseas or to the town next door, can lead to inspirations for lots of quilts.  Learn to look through your camera lens, or smart phone,

     with  a quilter's eye.  Building details, like the wrought iron banisters in Barcelona or a scene from your summer vacation to the beach, can be

     transformed using fabric to create lasting memories.  I'll share how I turn my inspirations into quilts by printing photos onto fabric, convert photos into

      a quilted scene, use architectural motifs to create a contemporary quilt or combine them all into a fiber book. 


      Love Your Curves

      Whether pieced or appliqued, curves in quilts are enticing and at the same time, intimidating. The construction of The Drunkards Path, which is the most            recognizable curve  pieced quilt dating  back to the 19th century, can be found in old magazines and hidden shoe boxes as cardboard templates.   Today             there are lots of templates and methods developed to make curved  piecing quicker, easier and more accurate.   Using applique to create curves has

      become an appealing alternative to piecing. Curvalicious is an acrylic tool created by Cheryl Lynch that creates the illusion of piecing, but it's actually                   applique. I will share how and why Curvalicious was designed and developed and and the many quilts that can be  created with it.

      Sensational Silk 
      Silk Dupioni is a luscious beautiful fabric that has such an elegant shimmer to it.  It can add richness to any project.  It has a unique quality based on its             slubs and iridescence.  I will share my silk body of work that includes everything from Jewish ritual pieces to traditional quilts to contemporary quilts to             modern quilts.  Learn how to tame this potentially difficult fabric and have the courage to cut it and use it on one of your projects.  I'll share everything                I have learned while constructing over 30 quilted pieces.

     A Unique Personality

     Every choice you make when designing a quilt, makes it unique. A computer can be a powerful tool in help to personalize your designs. This lecture will

     cover the specifics about how to print on fabric and how to transform your words, photos and drawings into patterns for appliqué. Many ways will be                    demonstrated to include photos in your quilts and how to make each of your quilts unique and individual adding the right amount of embellishment,

     from beads to buttons to bits & pieces from your travels.   Leave this lecture with the tools to go home and start working on your own personalized quilt.

     Inspiration From Squiggles and Dots
     This lecture was inspired while on vacation in Florida. The wallpaper in the hotel room shouted out to me - "I would make a great quilt." I started looking

     at the world and objects around me and found lots of inspiration from everything from wallpaper to sidewalks to wine labels to wrought iron gates.

     Using  photos and finished quilts, you will see how inspiration can be transformed into a quilted piece.


​​     Choose To Fuse - 6 Hours


     This workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced quilters. We will start with the basics of machine appliqué beginning with the

      different fusible products and how to transfer your designs. Then using a myriad of techniques,including top stitching, zig zagging and blanket-stitching,

      we will progress to reversible appliqué, 3-D appliqué, using netting and fusible binding - all by machine. This is an action packed class filled with lots

     of tips and techniques and you will end up with a 22" x 30" bird themed appliqué sampler. 
    Materials Fee: $5.00

     Free Standing Fabric Book  (1-3 Days)

​     Turn your travel memories or passions into this free standing book. In this workshop, you'll learn how to transform your inspiration into a page, whether

      it's using a photo, words, applique or non-traditional technique. Each page measures 5"x 7" and your book can have as many or as few pages as desired.              Bring your ideas to start this unique memento.

     Curvalicious  Skinny Quilt    6 Hours

     If you are stuck in a cotton-quilting rut and have wanted to try an alternative fabric,  then this class is for you.    This silk piece is a show stopper. It’s  

     construction looks quite complicated, but only one template is used to create this skinny quilt.  The complementary colors of the handstitched circles 
     complete a stunning design.   Learn the ins and outs of working with dupioni silk and how to treat it for fusible machine appliqué.  A trunk show during

     lunch will demonstrate the many other uses for Curvalicious.

     Silk Kit: $40.00    Curvalicious tool: $32  
     Optionally, bring your own cotton fabric  to learn how to use Curvalicious. 

     Sewing with Silk             6 Hours

     Have you been intrigued by the sheen and glamour of Dupioni Silk 
     but are afraid to work with it?  Dupioni silk is a beautiful and multi-
     faceted fabric that adds elegance to any project. It can be prepared 
     so that it will behave like cotton.  Cheryl will share her tips for 
    working with dupioni while each participant will design and 
   construct a wallhanging out of half square triangles. Kit is required.  
   It  includes fabric, tips and patterns to create a wallhanging that 
    measures  24" x 36".  Kit Cost: $30.00

      Fabric Dyeing           3 or 6 Hours


     Beachalicious or Fishalicious    6 Hours


     Take a trip to the ocean, either on the surface with sailboats and beach umbrellas or under the sea while you create either one of these wallhangings. 

      Using   fusible machine applique, these scenes go together quickly with a full size pattern.  If you're unfamiliar with machine applique, you'll be an

     expert when  you're done.  The Curvalicious tool is helpful, but not required to create the waves and scalloped borders.  Let's feel the sand between our


     Pattern  Required: $15.00   Curvalicious tool;  $32.00

    Mini Mosaics         3 or 6 Hours